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Second-ish Week

This week has been all about putting in some SEO work. We focused on making our product photos look their best by removing the background in the main images and going with a neutral color.

We also set up an Etsy shop. Starting off we need all the exposure we can get. :) TBH, it’s been a slow start.

I remember back when our family opened our former sports bar & grill, Mezzanine Lounge, in Houston. We thought it would be an instant crowded success. We had all the experience, all the ideas, and plenty of friends to fill the place. It was empty! We had to put in the boots on the ground hard work over many months. We did and it succeeded.

We are taking the same approach here with our online store. Learning everything we can and putting in the hours to build up this business little by little. We come to this with the most necessary tools of success. Perseverance, determination, and a positive attitude.

And a bit of snark, because what is your life if you can’t laugh at it? Hope you all are having a great week!

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