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Welcome to 2022!

Robot Panda Creations made it through the holiday season! We learned a lot from creators and small businesses that went before us. We stocked up on materials and supplies in advance. We turned off a few labor-intensive items that we weren't sure we could pull off in a busy time. We did not want to let any of our customers down due to our unpreparedness. It worked out great! We were able to keep up with the holiday demand with no issues. Thank you to all who ordered from us, we hope your recipients loved their gifts!

One thing that we have started to do over the past few months is custom shirts. We have done shirts for Little League teams, staffing needs, pool league team shirts, theme party shirts, and more! We really enjoy the design process and the pricing for these is based on the style, design, and size. They range in price from $18-$24. We are going to work towards adding samples to our store so that it is a streamlined process for you to order them. For now, just shoot us an email at and let us know what you need!

We also had fun with a new size of an outdoor sign for your porch or patio. Wood will always be our favorite material to work with. Cutting, sanding, and staining to bring out the perfect imperfections is just so rewarding. Every piece is truly unique. Adding on our custom design makes the final product turn out great.

We made this porch sign for a family member. You can't see it in this photo, but it has a jute rope attached to hang the sign easily. We are going to be adding a few varieties of this type of wood sign to our shop soon!

New for 2022 is our shipping prices. It's one thing we have struggled to get a handle on. Is it better to offer free shipping because that is what people are used to with Amazon? Well, we aren't Amazon and "free" shipping doesn't mean free- we have to add that price into the cost of the item. That made our products seem very expensive. Then we tried to add a fixed amount for each type of product we sell. Well, we learned quickly that it is impossible to do it across the board because true shipping costs depend on where the product is being delivered to. We don't want to undercharge or overcharge anyone. We do like to use USPS Priority Mail because it comes with tracking and insurance. So, we have decided to change it up again and use the Wix built-in shipping calculator for Priority Mail. We hope that will be the fairest way to charge you for shipping and ensure that you get your purchase quickly.

We are also now offering Local Delivery for a $6 Charge. This will be offered to anyone that is within a 30-mile radius from our location in Cypress, Texas. We will drop it off your porch or drive it to your office. Whatever is most convenient for you. You will see the option when checking out if you are within the delivery area.

We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season! We look forward to bringing you more choices and helping you bring your ideas to life in 2022!

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