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Father’s Day Section is up

Good morning! This week was fun. We came up with a couple of new products that would make great Father’s Day gifts. First up is a Whiskey Glass & Tray Serving Set that has matching gold monogrammed letters. Second, we added some bronze hardware to our Grillin & Chillin Sign to make it a good place to hang the BBQ utensils and open a bottle.

We also put together two gift baskets to be raffled off for a charity function. Stats Sports Bar & Grill often has events that give back to the community. This month it was King of the Wing, a wing sauce Cookoff, that benefited Boots For Troops.

We really enjoyed doing this, so if you ever need a raffle or auction item for a local event, please reach out to us and ask!

This coming week we are going to concentrate on a couple of new things. First, turning a loved one’s handwriting (or your own) into a keepsake piece is something we are excited to start offering. I practiced with my own, and it turned out great! The blue is my handwriting in sharpie, and the red is cut-out vinyl. Looks exact!

We also are going to tackle Facebook Marketplace. It's confusing because our whole store (minus the Mancave sign, because that has a beer on it and FB doesn’t allow anything to do with alcohol) is currently on FB Commerce and available on our FB business page, but it’s not on Marketplace? We need to figure that out.

Do you have any tips for Marketplace? What kinds of things would you like to put your loved one’s handwriting on? Comment and let us know!

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