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First Live Booth!

A local sports bar, Revelry on Richmond, held a Crawfish Cookoff yesterday and we had our very first vendor’s booth to sell our products. Whew! It was a lot of work, but worth it! Thankfully, we had help from our family. This pic is me and all three of the kids.

We tailor made some crawfish themed stuff and signs that could be bought on the spot and not special ordered. It was great to get immediate feedback on what resonated with people and what did not. It is definitely great to see that immediate reaction.

We were very happy with the amount of sales, we sold close to half of the inventory we brought. That leaves us with some new items to add to our online store! Be on the lookout today and tomorrow for those new products!

I am especially excited to introduce our distressed look signs. These started as a double mistake and ended up looking amazing! How were they a double mistake? Well, we had a sign that we tried wood burning that did not work out at all. That’s the first mistake.

Then we tried to see if we could salvage it with white paint. Well, it was going to take more than one coat of paint and you have to sand in between coats. But because the wood already had a clear coat on it, the white paint just sanded right off. That was the second mistake.

But it turned into something really interesting and we worked to see if we could recreate it. And we did! So we are excited to add this collection to the store!

Hope you all have a great Sunday! I’ll be sure to post on our social media when our new products hit the online shelves!

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