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Here we go!

Soft opening day! We are doing a pre-launch party weekend for a small group of select people to get the kinks out. Learned this from the restaurant & bar industry. This is our first endeavor into online retail & shipping. Crossing our fingers, but also crossing our t's and dotting our i's.

If you have been watching our social media, you have seen how hard we have been working for the past couple of months to get this all together. I have to say that YouTube & TikTok have been very helpful at teaching us lots of new things and hacks.

Everything- from using a circular saw (one of those scary plug in types, lol) to learning how to load a tape pistol to using a laser level, it's all been new! We've made some mistakes along the way (who's idea was it to try wood burning anyway??) and we came up with some really fun ideas too. Teaching Emily to stain wood has been a highlight. She was wearing gloves and still managed to get it all the way up her arm. We laughed and scrubbed and gave up and she just stayed stained until it wore off.

The best part of starting this journey has been working with Emily, finding things she can do to create and to contribute, and looking for her abilities rather than her disabilities. It is my purpose to help her find purpose in her life, so here we go! Let's do this! We can only grow from here!

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