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The Pivot: Team Spirit Wear

Good morning! From the beginning, I have always seen videos and read blogs advising new businesses to "find your niche" and go from there. I wasn't sure exactly how to do that. I figured I would do a little bit of everything that I could and see what sticks. What am I good at and what will people respond to?

My graphics background is in posters, flyers, and menu designs. I am mostly self-taught, so forgive me if I don't speak technically. But what I really like to do with my designs is to make bold statements that really grab your attention and evoke excitement. It is only natural that designing T-shirts that show off your team, squad, or school spirit seems to be my jam!

It started by having parents contact me asking me for fun designs to show off their support for the children's youth leagues. Then other parents were contacting me for more spirit wear or special designs for holidays or events, and we just have been having a lot of fun with it. Before I knew it I was being asked to design some things for an elementary school, a youth football team, and a cheer squad.

We have all of those designs ready to go and we look forward to their upcoming season/school year so we can see how the parents respond. I may be biased, but I think they all look really great! We are giving back a percentage of the sales to the respective organization. If this is something you would like to do for your organization please reach out and let us know!


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